What type of Partner are you?

What type of Partner are you?

Partners represent an important point of reference for all local companies that need to improve their organization and increase their competitiveness.

Centro Software promotes the competences of its Partners and their presence on the market by guaranteeing an immediate Assistance and first-rate Training, Technical-Commercial and Marketing support.

Sharing contacts and development plans, mentoring on complex projects and collaborating closely on developing the best business strategies allows partners to become the key players of their market of reference and successfully seize the best market opportunities.

Types of Partnerships (Profiles)

Centro Software focuses largely not only on its vendors and business partners, but also on promoting the competences of business consultants and the local relationships of those who wish to offer companies innovative top-quality solutions, even if not equipped with the necessary IT technologies.
Every partner can choose the most suitable type of partnership for its organization and target needs.



The GOLD partnership is usually suitable for structured IT companies that have at least one technician certified by Centro Software, a designated commercial employee, and service operational autonomy. These companies are usually able to carry out marketing activities in the area and to interact with Centro Software to plan targeted actions on specific markets.

Centro Software provides every tool that can help partners carry out these activities in the best way possible, supports the technical and commercial training of the employees, and mentors GOLD Partners on marketing activities and on more complex projects. This partnership provides a very high level of the strategic integration with Centro Software.


The Consultant Partner usually consists in a business consultant or in a technician with specific competences in the management software sector. The Consultant Partner’s activity is usually carried out directly on site, and it is aimed to interact with the Executive Board of the client company in order to offer tools, applications and software configurations for the improvement of the organizational and productive processes.

Centro Software works with the Consultants also on the management of the sales process. The contract, even if it is a consultancy one, includes benefits that encourage continuity of the business relationships.


For more info on the benefits involved in the partnerships, please contact marketing@centrosoftware.com