The values of Centro Software Partners

Centro Software provides every partner with all the possible means to seize the best local opportunities.
Every Centro Software partner represents:

  • A team with Technical, Commercial and Marketing competence that can be developed to its fullest potential.
  • A reference for the local companies and for the needs of the industry districts.
  • An element of contact with the local Confindustria and institutional organizations.
  • A competent center that can achieve the maximum satisfaction of every client’s needs.


Assistance, Training Support, sharing of strategies and collaboration on complex projects are just some of the tools that Centro Software provides in order to manage the market and the companies’ demands successfully.
For Centro Software, the authority and the value of a Partner is the most valuable assurance for the promotion of the strength and quality of its products, and at the same time is the best guarantee of the clients’ total control and optimal management of the company processes.