PLASTIC and RUBBER industry

SAM ERP2 stands out from all other ERP solutions not only for its technology, but also for the completeness of its functions and the concrete ability to streamline flows, reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity.
The software is multi-language, multi-company, multi-division, modular, and allows to be fully customized according to the needs of each company.

SAM ERP2 is the specialized business management software for companies operating in the rubber and plastic sector, and in particular in the field of moulding of plastic articles, mould construction, and everything related to the production and processing of polymers,with particular attention to the automotive supply chain.

The strengths of SAM ERP2 are the completeness and immediacy of the production advancement and inpayment systems on the line, the advanced bills of materials with the management of multi-figure moulds, the management of the order and the tools for controlling its profitability, the functions of automation and mapping of the warehouse with RF terminals, the interactive panels with the control of the status of the machines and the efficiency of the production lines.

The automation of all the production processes, the bidirectional dialogue with the plants and presses, the dashboards that control in real time the progress and efficiency of the production, the management of the centralized dryers or on board the machine, customized MES for the mould change and for the set up of each machine, are just some of the functions that allow the SAM ERP2 solution to bring the company to maximum productivity.

SAM ERP2 is a technologically enabling system that, through the intelligent use of physical sensors, intelligent algorithms, the web and interconnections between plants and ERP, allows the company to achieve the objectives of Industry 4.0.
SAM ERP2 is also an innovative ERP that simplifies and speeds up all business processes, both internal and external, improving performance in terms of efficiency, productivity and competitiveness: improves the organization and workflows of all offices and all departments of the company, optimizes inventories and handling of goods, allows you to use new channels to increase the results of business activities, interacts in real time with those working outside the company (customers, suppliers, agents and technicians), simplifies administrative and financial activities, to minimize waste and loss of time even in non-productive areas.
SAM ERP2 is a fully configurable and scalable ERP based on the growth and evolution of the company, equipped with innovative development and customization tools, but at the same time complete with the best tools for digital security and full compliance with Privacy and GDPR.

SAM ERP2 stands out from all other ERP solutions not only for its technology, but also for the completeness of its functions and the concrete ability to streamline flows, reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity.
The software is multi-language, multi-company, multi-division, modular, and allows to be fully customized according to the needs of each company.


It allows dialogue between company and supplier, such as managing delivery dates and direct printing of labels with barcodes for immediate recognition.


It allows the collection of orders, the management of offers, the consultation of catalogues and timetables also from tablet and smartphones.


It allows you to share in the Web environment, with the entire sales force, branches and end customers, offers, tracking orders, e-mails, etc..


It allows a complete management of the “Ticket” with traceability, progress and management of calendars to organize
the assistance interventions.


The equipment of each machine is managed through an application executable in a terminal and that allows:

  • Time recording
  • Multifiguration mold management
  • Test prints management
  • final Approval for the Production Start (BAP) management.

The data are available in real time to the production manager and are historicized to allow the targeted analysis and make any
corrective actions.


Management of raw material warehouse and of ground material is fundamental for the production efficiency, and constant control of the dryers allows the procedure to be extremely precise.


Thanks to touch screen dashboards at the edge of the line, it’s possible to check the progress of production orders. The dashboards have simple and intuitive interfaces, are multilingual (with support for all characters: Cyrillic, Chinese, etc.) and have a registration module for entrances / exits from the plant.
They also allow the printing of labels at the time of production payment and the management of multi-packaging: it is the
operator who declares the type used and the exact quantity in pieces defined for that combination (article/packaging).
The finished product is then poured directly via touchscreen terminals located along the production lines and interfaced with
the ERP system. Each item poured is labelled and made available to the warehouseman for storage or shipping activities. The data is shared with all the agencies, which can check the level of progress of the orders.
For activities that do not involve the direct payment of products, there is automatic reporting of working time. The collection of all these data allows an advanced control of the profitability of each order.


SAM ERP2 allows to manage the maintenance plans for all the working tools (CMMS) and all the functions for the best
management of the internal Quality System, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 certifications, according to the WCM directives and the worldwide standards of the automotive sector.


With the scheduler it is possible to plan the typical activities of the production of a mould, from the design to the complete realization, passing from the internal workings or in external work account.
Thanks to the MES module, in addition to being able to view drawings and specifications directly from the workshop, operators can declare on the touchscreen the progress of the phases and any problems encountered; the system automatically calculates the incidence of people work with whom it is then possible to process the budget for each job. The MES is also customised for mould change and machine set-up, and compares the theoretical data with the time actually spent by the maintenance technician, taking the data directly from the press. Special dashboards allow the workshop manager to always have under control the whole situation in real time, any problems encountered as well as the progress of costs.


The acquisition of data on individual machines (stops, machine downtimes, energy consumption,…) feeds control dashboards with analytical and synthetic indicators, allowing real-time monitoring of machines status and efficiency level of production lines, as well as history consultation. The control takes place both through monitors positioned along the production lines and through “mobile” instruments, thus overcoming the limits imposed by the company networks.
Business intelligence tools then allow the aggregation of production data with management data, in order to calculate performance indices on the basis of which to plan production and organizational choices.


Thanks to the import procedure from any format (CSV, TXT, DAT, etc.) with SAM ERP2 it is possible to automatically load customer orders, at the same time carrying out all the necessary checks to eliminate human errors.
SAM ERP2 is able to communicate with all the most popular EDI protocols, importing and exporting information according to the standards in use in Europe and the rest of the world.



The Shipping Verification function allows operators in the logistics area to immediately identify all shipments to be made every day and the automatic generation of all transport documents.
The warehouseman, through his RF terminal, processes each document assigning the list of packages in shipment and thus producing the Packing List: each package is labeled and associated with a specific shipping document, in turn linked to the sales order that generated it.


Each component of the bill of materials can be identified with a serial and / or batch number. Real-time monitoring and collection of all production and warehouse data allows structured, shared and immediately available information to all operators.
The barcode, making the component always recognizable, allows you to trace its entire history up to the origin of the production chain and the purchase order.


SAM ERP2 allows you to synchronize with the CAD system for the interchange of design data in a simple and automatic way, saving time and reducing errors related to the manual input of information.
It is possible to import and keep aligned the master data of the commercial components defining which are the common data between the two environments that must be synchronized.
In the same way the import of the BOMs of sets and subsets is managed: the system is able to guarantee the alignment of the different editions.