ERP Software

Centro Software ERP systems are not simply “management software”, but latest generation ERP (Extended Enterprise Resource Planning) with optimized organizational models that increase company efficiency, eliminate waste and reduce costs in accordance with the “LEAN Organization” directives.

Centro Software ERP systems are composed of more than 80 perfectly integrated and highly configurable modules, which can be used in “server” or “cloud” mode (SAAS) and can fully control and directly manage processes in all departments and areas of the company.

So, not only internal process management (production, warehouses, logistics, administration), but all processes that involve the manufacturing and sales chain outside the company (branches, assistance departments, technicians, agents, sites, suppliers, etc.). This is achieved thanks to the latest technology, including portals with “mobile” versions that can be used by various devices.

A Centro Software ERP can increase efficiency by up to 50% and reduce costs by up to 30% by optimizing stock, manufacturing processes, goods handling, sales activities, administration and management control, as well as real-time dialog with customers and with anyone working outside the company.

Flexibility and Configurability

Unlike many competitor ERP systems, Centro Software ERP systems are not an aggregate of departmental programs developed by different companies, but they are the result of a single, continuously updated project, which has optimized corporate flows and groups the best industrial experience and most advanced technologies into a modular structure.



All of the flows are perfectly integrated into an “IT backbone” through which all industrial processes can be controlled in real time.

In fact, a single ERP project ensures:

  • maximum integration of corporate procedures (“continuous flow”)
  • maximum process management efficiency and speed
  • maximum maintenance and development economy
  • maximum update speeds
  • maximum capacity for technological evolution

Therefore, unlike competitor products, Centro Software ERP systems use a single database and a single software engine.

All of the product configurations are based on this single ERP engine; they already contain the parameters and functions that are typical of the various industrial sectors. In this way, every company in any sector can implement a continuous flow of information and materials that reduces costs while maximizing efficiency and productivity in the whole manufacturing and sales chain:


Custom Tools and Development Kits

Centro Software ERP systems are very easy to use, but they are also complete with configuration and customization functions; in fact, they are equipped with special tools for security, privacy and full system control.

In addition to their high flexibility and configurability, they also have 3 powerful development tools:

  • ADK (Application Designer Kit)
  • SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • RGT (Report Generation Tool)

ADK is a tool framework that customizations and WORKFLOWS to be developed quickly without any programming skills.

SDK is a development kit that allows existent programs to be changed or new perfectly integrated “vertical applications” to be developed, without the need to know the ERP internal logic. It not only ensures that the processes and data are consistent, but also that all future releases will be fully compatible.

RGT is a tool that allows document and report layouts to be changed autonomously (the ERP has over one thousand standard printouts), or new documents and reports to be generated.

Individual technology and productivity

Centro Software ERP systems are also the most technologically advanced products; they can be used in both “Server” and “Cloud” modes (SAAS) and can dialog in real time with all devices and infrastructures that promote usability and mobility: tablets, smartphones, portable wireless terminal for reading barcodes, presence detectors, etc.

Not only are they distinguished from all other ERP solutions by the technology, but also by the completeness of the processes and concrete ability to streamline the flows, reduce the costs and increase the efficiency of corporate productivity.

For example, it is possible to customize each work position according to individual operator needs (personal dashboard), displaying real-time graphs and data from the internal system (e.g. turnover by product or agent, margins by product line, break even point, warehouse value, rolling forecasts, supplier ABC, etc.), or from the outside world (e.g. anything that can be received via RSS Feed: news, stock prices, raw material prices, etc.).


Centro Software ERP software is international, multi-language and uses native Unicode, so it can communicate and interact in all languages, storing, displaying and printing data in all characters and alphabets (Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic, etc.).

Also, it has already been translated and can be used simultaneously with the most common dictionaries:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

Customizable thesauruses are also available for each language for adding words or special terms that are typical of the corporate sector.

A significant number of companies in many countries around the world, especially branches of Italian companies or their affiliates, already successfully use Centro Software ERP systems: