Founded in 1988, Centro Software has developed the best 2nd generation ERP software for companies that want to manufacture and compete in all markets.

Centro Software ERP systems are the IT backbone in over 3000 companies with operational branches worldwide.

Centro Software is a solid, reliable company that invests more than 30% of its turnover in research & development each year.

An ability to innovate, clear goals, company continuity, dedication and passion are some of the elements on which the Centro Software team builds its future and that of its customers.

The continuous innovation

Centro Software continually helps companies to innovate their organizational processes with the most advanced instruments:

  • 2nd generation ERP software (completely integrated with the production and sales chain: Supply Chain, Supplier Portals, BtB and BtC, Agents, local branches and technicians, etc.)
  • efficient organizational models (Lean manufacturing and organizational processes in every industrial sector)
  • technological infrastructures (interfaces with manufacturing systems for Industry 4.0, web portals and real-time dialog with mobile devices, Cloud, SAAS, Client-Server,…)

Proud of Italian talent

Presentazione Centro SoftwareCentro Software ERP systems are multi-language and international. They use technologies from all over the world, but the design and development of their functional components can be defined “Made in Italy”. They are the result of the creativity and inventiveness needed to solve even the most complex organizational situations in a simple and efficient way. These situations are typical of the Italian entrepreneurial fabric, composed of large, medium and small manufacturing companies in all industrial sectors. This factor allows Centro Software products to adapt perfectly to every different international manufacturing context.