06 – Area QUALITY

To win over competitors, two features are of paramount importance: creativity and quality. Imagination, which feeds creativity, must equate with rigorous effort to achieve quality. Quality control over products and materials is guaranteed by rigid goods receipt procedures, well defined test cycles, precise and regular supplier evaluation and accurate registration of both resources and tasks.



Monitoring of items which are tested in the receiving area (goods receipt) or during the production process (internal and external, both “in process” and “post process”), and assignment of the related test cycles. Tests guarantee the production progress of orders along with quality control which consists of well defined tests and statistical process control, linked to production processes and stages of production orders.

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All steps and operations required to ensure that the product and the production stages comply with the required quality parameters are managed and monitored. Test cycles are carried out both on every piece or on random samples.


Maintenance procedures and rules, distribution lists of documents and operating procedures (quality manual) as well as automatic bill book (for the equipment “state”) are available for the equipment used in quality control.

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“NON-CONFORMITY” management

Registration of internal and external non-conformities which don’t comply with the required parameters for products and services; suggestions for repairing actions and complaints to the supplier.

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The “intangible value” of both internal and external human resources, included in the Vision 2000 – ISO 9004, is managed and monitored: organizational processes and procedures, infrastructures, courses, job descriptions, skills, training programs, past experiences and ambitions; a business dashboard is available and used to identify all resources (employees, collaborators, suppliers, contacts), to monitor their improvement and suggestions (related to processes, product lines, products or structures) and to motivate them with incentives and rewards. The goals are: to boost proactive behaviour and creativity, to check the effectiveness of what is being taught and to increase one’s own self-consciousness about their role in the achievement of the company quality goals.


ERP Area Qualità