03 – Sales Area

ERP area Commerciale

Sale activities play a double role: on the one hand, they reflect the corporate image when approaching the customers for thefirst time; on the other hand, they represent the starting point for the success of all the following steps (service and production activities).
Configurations and web portals are the most immediate tools through which customer satisfaction is perceived. Yet, MPS planning, organization of price lists and offers as well as a correct study of statistics determine a smooth and efficient performances in the further steps of order confirmation.


Flexible and customizable tool, even laymen can easily insert a new product and fill in an offer or an order, simply following a series of queries and fields ruled by technical/sales guidelines. The variety of product becomes then an opportunity rather than an obstacle. According to the Customer’s needs, the system automatically generates a “sale” variant of the bill of materials, which can be immediately submitted to MRP.

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SALES (Pricelists, Offers, Customer Orders)

Management of Prices and sales conditions (connected to each item and customer), offers and customer orders. Display of suppliers’ conditions, stock management and availability (so that products can be selected from stock also according to serial number or expiry date) too.
When the value of the order is higher than the customer’s residual credit, a warning message appears. Order confirmation determines about order commitment and order confirmation via fax, xml, mail or print. Orders with descriptions in foreign language, currency value, pro-forma invoice and packing list can be generated too.

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M.P.S. PLANNING   (Master Production Schedule)

A “sales forecast plan” help organize supplies (purchase or production of end or semifinished products) in connection with customer portfolio or not, with or without actual orders. Supply programs and open orders for automotive, food sectors and distribution industry can also be configured.

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Calculation, maturation and payment of commissions according to the different types of hierarchical structure and organization of the agents, who may have various types of relations (between customers, items and agents), geographical areas of activity and calculation methods (according to profit, taxable income, amount, etc.).

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MAIL PUSH (automatic e-mail sending)

Automatic e-mails are periodically sent to each agent. Information about the credit situation of one’s own customers (for example, schedule book) is conveyed.


Data are extracted out of the various data sources and converted into files, which are already configured for statistics on what was sold or invoiced. Data can then be compared to forecast data previously entered according to item, product line, customer, area, etc. or organized for “rolling forecast”.

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  • FRONT-END CUSTOMERS – Sales documents are quickly and automatically filled in simply by reading item bar code or through a batch number connected to a fiscal printer.
  • CASH REGISTERS – interface helping direct communication between central system and cash registers. With synchronicity, SAM ERP2 sends the cash register the data related to items and customers, and automatically receives accounting data (petty cash movements) and stock handling (goods handling).

Customers WEB Portals (BtB and BtC)

The new web portals include both B2C (Business to Consumer, that is from the company towards the outside world) and B2B (Business to Business, that is from company to company). Web portals perfectly comply with the central system. Both displayed information and graphical interface can be administered directly from the management information system without having the bare technical web knowledge. In particular, there are:

  • WEB CATALOGUE à it is a virtual window, where a selection of the items taken from the management information system is displayed. The user may create specific hierarchies and categories, look at availability, price, price reduction, technical datasheet, pictures and images of the selected item.
  • ON-LINE ORDERS à orders can be entered online by means of a shopping basket. After order confirmation, the order is entered into the management information system as “web order”; the customer may then see its status report in real time (tracking).

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