02 – C.R.M. (Marketing and Services) Area

02 – C.R.M. (Marketing and Services) Area

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Customers and market oriented activities, such as pre-sale (marketing) and after-sale (services), have always been the driving force for business development.

Hectic and dynamic markets can only be dominated if CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and all technical and sale information about existing and potential customers are accurately managed.


CRM 1 – MARKETING (pre-sale and after-sale)

Planning of sale actions, including graphic timetable management of the different operators’ marketing activities. Collection, archiving and management of pre-sale and after-sale marketing information: the former used for existing customers and the latter including customer recall, evaluation questionnaires, suggestions for new products, etc.

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CRM 2 – SERVICE and ASSISTANCE (after-sale)

Planning and graphic timetable management of all technical activities in support of sales force (pre-sale and demonstrations) and after-sale service: installation, maintenance and technical assistance (in warranty, by contract, on an actual cost basis).
Management and control of the “installed group”, products and related versions. Management of maintenance reports which record maintenance times, spare parts (with automatic stock unload), travel costs, reimbursement of expenses (km), comments. Data management for the automatic invoicing of spare parts, activities and contracts.

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Integration with GEO-MARKETING

Digital mapping is essential to display the geographic position of several business information and the multiple relations between data and territory.
It is a perfect tool to provide a great mapping of Targets and Customers , in order to plan and perform marketing activities on the interested area, as well as to find out territory coverage and consequently plan agents network, points of sale, technical assistance and logistics platform. All this according to turnover range and distances.

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An easy and immediate web interface which can be configured according to each person’s role and responsibility in the company and can involve the sales force, branches, distributors (those abroad too) as well as end customers in the business processes.
This web environment becomes easily the primary source for all “active users” to detect relevant information such as opportunities, offers, order tracking, structured and de-structured customer datasheets, callings reports (integration with Voip), e-mails, visits, interviews.

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It has been specifically developed for the staff operating from outside the company: technicians, management consultants, technical and engineering departments, staff working for projects or preliminary phases of projects, work sites, etc. Through this portal they check workflow, requests for activities or assistance and the applicant’s accounting status; they confirm appointments on the shared timetable, enter the activities related to orders, contracts, warranty, non in warranty, and print the related modules, where configured.
In addition it is possible to save all the additional costs (hotels, flights, trains, km, road tolls, restaurants, etc.) reducing all related administrative costs as well as time and invoicing and/or final balance mistakes.
The function “Ticket” is incredibly useful for those companies which offer Help Desk services. The customer can directly activate the function via telephone or web, and check the progress report of the assistance requested.

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SFA – Sales Force Automation

Through this function, Smartphone, Laptop and Netbook can be used to:
• enter new orders, check related delivery and invoicing status (tracking);
• organize visits to the customers with the support of a timetable and “pocket Outlook”;
• check information about the products in real time: catalogue, price list, stock, technical datasheet, pictures and images;
• check and update information about the customers in real time: personal data, applied conditions, carried out and planned services, dispatched and confirmed orders, special quotations, sale statistics, deliveries and invoices, accounting statement (outstanding payments, cash receipts, total credit, residual line of credit, risk level).

VENDING (Sale Attempt)

Specific kits (a “suitcase” with a hand-held terminal, a barcode scanner and a thermal printer) allow to issue orders, bills of lading and invoices, enter payments, unload goods and update “on-the-move stock” (car or van).

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