01 – Work Flow and Common Data Area

01 – Work Flow and Common Data Area

ERP Area Work Flow

Enterprises which constantly develop and improve their production process always achieve important results: a relevant increase of information flow results in a better individual productivity, internal communication, services as well as working conditions and atmosphere, and reduces working times and operating costs.

All this for the customers benefit.


WORK FLOW Design & Control

All business processes are defined as a set of rules: documents, information and tasks (“TO DO LIST”) are automatically transmitted from one role to the other and are validated step by step by the “Rules Virtual Machine”.

AUDIT TRAIL & Tracking

Inspired by the rule FDA CFR Part 11 (B/11.10), it secures backwards traceability up to the original data of all the processes carried out in the computer system. It is necessary for the enterprise in order to have their business processes certified. It controls the registration of e-signatures and the correct compilation of data, generating status or warning messages and sending them to default e-mail addresses.

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ADK (Application Designer Kit)

It is a set of tools directed to rapidly develop rules, layout and programs application. The best procedure flow can be designed specifically for each user, role or context, in order to increase single productivity and process security.

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SAM ERP2 desktop turns into a personal desktop: graphics and synthesis data, both internal and external, can be added to keep our daily activity updated.

Automatic Article CODING

It defines the items coding rules. It controls code generation process.Article searching is carried out through “talking code”.

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CLASSIFIERS (technical and commercial)

Alongside standard classifiers, it generates further special fields. Their application depends on the specific requirements of the various business areas.

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It includes and controls all product versions, in order to classify all articles belonging to the same code and model, but having different size and/ or color: sizes, colors, type of article, metric scale per country, range of seasonal colors, etc. determine the specific finishes that characterise each single product in sale and production processes.

ARTICLES, Counter-parties, Tables (Module BASIS)

It controls all information and data used and shared by the modules of ERP system:

  1. products and articles: components, semifinished products and end products may be classified under various units of measure (per purchase, warehouse, handling, production, sale); may belong to families, groups, homogeneous categories, discount classes, ranges of commission; may have preferential warehouse positions (allocations), various types of stock management, purchase and sale conditions (minimum order quantity, warranty, etc.) and a datasheet in which all sort of information (features, instructions for use, rules or peculiar warnings, etc.) can be recorded in various languages;
  2. external “counter-parties”: Customers, Suppliers, Banks, Agents, Employees, Carriers – each of them set up with addresses, names, delivery terms and conditions, payment terms, banks, accounting counterparts, datasheet, etc.
  3. general tables: Reasons for Goods Handling, Delivery Terms and Conditions, Warehouse Allocations, Geographic Areas, Employees and Collaborators, Departments and Cost Centers, Product Lines, Bank Conditions, etc.

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DOCUMENTS archiving system

All paper documents are integrated into the archiving system: all issued and received documents are automatically archived and linked to the related objects in the company database which allows a complementary archive in accordance to the law regulations. Upon authorization, web interface allows to have access to all documents anytime and anywhere. Preliminary stages, CRM projects as well as the collection of technical/sale documents of competitors and service assistance, etc. are made easier by this documents archiving system.

ERP Area work flow