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Centro Software's ERP2 system already contains the management and process logics of the main corporate productions chains, with the functions and specific skills needed in companies of all principal industries

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Founded in 1988, Centro Software has developed the best 2nd generation ERP software for companies that want to manufacture and compete in all markets.

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Development and Services

Daily, more than 50 software engineers are engaged in research and development of functions and technologies for the ERP and implementing specific software requirements to meet the needs of each customer.

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ERP Software

Centro Software ERP systems are composed of more than 70 perfectly integrated and highly configurable modules, which can be used in “server” or “cloud” mode (SAAS) and can fully control and directly manage processes in all departments and areas of the company.

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ERP and Industry 4.0

Centro Software is perfectly aligned with the principles of LEAN Manufacturing, which provide maximum process integration and progressively eliminate all activities that cause waste and delays. It has also gradually introduced into its own SAM-ERP2 all the functions traditionally managed by departmental software, spreadsheets, or even paper calculations, which interrupt the flows and do not ensure that all the information is shared.

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